Pepperoni with a Twist

There is a new twist in the world of pepperoni and it offers pizza businesses a great way to grow sales while intriguing their customers to experience something new and delicious.

Think of pepperoni and you might immediately think of a cheese pizza topped with this No. 1 pizza topping. A growing trend has emerged in the shape of a pepperoni roll or twist that is tasty, fun and profitable.  Read more »

Log Onto the Tech Revolution

If you are not up on the latest technology, you will be left behind.  Using technology for everything from menu systems to online ordering to communicating with your customers is here to stay.

Today’s customer uses mobile technology for online ordering, redeeming rewards and paying for meals. Both happy and disgruntled customers utilize Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to communicate their feelings to your restaurant and to the world.

People are in a hurry and technology makes it easier to order food than at any other time. Read more »

Proteins take menu, marketing spotlight despite historically high costs

From Fast Casual –

One of the top restaurant industry stories this year has been record-high food costs, particularly with proteins. Beef and pork both flirted with all-time high prices during the summer, with little relief in sight.

In fact, meat prices are 13 percent higher year over year, driven up by a 17.8-percent spike in beef prices, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Simultaneously, much of the marketing and menu mix has shifted to proteins. For example, Arby’s crafted its entire new messaging platform around “We have the meats,” which debuted in July. The initial TV campaign spotlighted the Mega Meat Stacks, three offerings that the company called “the meatiest LTO in its history.” Read more »

Corporations Lead the Way in Changing to More Sustainable Packaging

The packaging revolution is in full swing as some of the country’s (and world’s) largest retailers and restaurant chains have learned that going green and embracing sustainability means more green (as in profits) for investors.

Not only are these large corporations saving money by reducing packaging and waste, but they’re increasing sales as consumers (especially millennials) are responding to eco-friendly practices by spreading the word through social media and patronizing their stores and restaurants.  Read more »

How to Market Online Ordering

So, you’ve got your new spiffy online ordering program in place.  Your menu is tied into it.  Your payment systems are in place. Your staff is trained.  You are ready to go!

Except for one important question … How do you get customers to start using it?  Read more »

Update – the UBER of Food

Two months ago, I wrote a blog regarding UBER is decimating the taxi industry. The point of the article was for food industry execs to consider how everything is changing and to get on board to lead change rather than wait for it to be thrust upon you.

If you don’t know, UBER is a Silicon Valley company that changed the business of taxi service. UBER makes mobile apps that connect passengers with drivers of vehicles for hire and ridesharing services. The company arranges pickups in dozens of cities around the world. UBER, like many companies before it, disrupted an established business model so consumers get better, faster, cheaper goods and services.  Read more »

Exploding the Boundaries of the Classic Calzone

Like burgers and pizzas before them, the internationally recognized calzone is undergoing an explosion of flavor giving restaurants a highly beneficial addition to their menus.

Creative pizza operators have taken the traditional meat and cheese turnover and given them a style makeover that incorporates the widest array of international flavors.

Chefs are exploding the calzone boundaries by infusing the Italian style turnover with the same kind of creativity they apply to their entrees.  While Italian in nature, chefs are saying that calzones do not have to be confined to a certain flavor profile. Read more »

It’s All Greek to Me

There is a famous Greek expression, “Ta pada ri” – nothing stays the same.

The past few years have been wonderful for the Greek yogurt industry. Greek yogurt has gone from one percent of the yogurt market in 2007 to 36 percent, and it seems, on the way to half of the market share. Within the Greek yogurt arena, new items appear daily.  Read more »

The Local, Fresh Food Trend Relies on Fresh, Local Compost

Restaurants – from fast food to white table cloth establishments – are always trying to one-up the competition and offer new popular menu items.

One of the most fashionable current trends is offering meals with local produce and vegetables. Restaurants all over the country are bragging on their menus how they now serve “fresh” and “local” foods. There’s no real surprise why this trend has caught on quickly.  Read more »

The UBER of Food

If you do not know what UBER is, look it up. The short version is that UBER is a Silicon Valley company that changed the old established business of taxi service. UBER makes mobile apps that connect passengers with drivers of vehicles for hire and ridesharing services. The company arranges pickups in dozens of cities around the world.

Traditional taxi companies are furious. Taxis must pay for “medallions” controlled by cities to regulate the number of cars in service. In theory, “medallioned” cars are inspected for safety and driven by trained drivers to insure safe passage and fair pricing. If you have ever hailed a cab in a big city, you might question that outcome. The monopoly power exerted by taxi companies and the municipalities that back them created the demand for a modern service that is responsive and priced fairly. In other words, a free market system.  Read more »